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Quality and Management 

  • Printed circuit boards are the cornerstones for daily necessities, telecommunications, and industries and businesses. To ensure satisfaction of customers' demand for quality and for the sake of sustainable management, the Company is constantly updating its production and test equipment and promoting its quality and environmental management systems in honor of the quality policy "Quality Comes First and the Customer is King" and the environmental policy "Following laws and regulations, preventing against environmental pollution, and fully committing to environmental protection."



Management Belief

  • Insist on outstanding quality and the customer is king.
  • Fulfill social responsibilities and adhere to legitimate operations.
  • Follow environmental protection laws and regulations and protect the environment.
  • Take proper care of employees and create a happy workplace.
  • Establish production procedures to assure operations

Quality Policy 

Quality comes first and the customer is king. Satisfying customers' demand for quality is the Company's responsibility and honor.

Environmental Policy

Following laws and regulations, preventing against environmental pollution, and committing to environmental protection. Fulfilling social responsibilities and commitment is the goal of the Company with sustainable management.

Product, Quality, Environmental Validation 

  • UL product validation
  • ISO9001 quality management system
  • ISO14001 environmental management system

Quality Assurance 

Satisfying customers' demand for quality is the Company's responsibility and honor.
Production procedures are established according to the ISO management system in order to consolidate implementation of quality control. 

Quality Assurance System

.Quality policy, environmental policy

.Quality goal, environmental goal

.Production flowchart

.SOP(WI) operational guidelines

.Check the first piece


.SPC control

.Solution analysis

.Tin bar testing

.Solderability test

.Testing instrument calibration

.Environmental control material testing

.Abnormal control

.Supplier management

.Customer service

.Constant improvement


Equipment for Quality Testing

.Copper foil measuring instrument

.Drilling X-RAY

.Hole verifying machine

.Copper plating measuring instrument


.Line width and line spacing measuring instrument

.Hardness tester

.Spectrograph thickness gauge

.Opaque projector

.2.5D Measuring machine

.V-cut Residual thickness measuring instrument

.Flying probe tester

.Universal O/S tester

.Automatic O/S tester

.Fixed O/S tester

.Resistance tester

.AIO Appearance inspector


.Metallographic microscope



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